Day One

by mojocho

So a little pretext for you guys, I finished the P90X program and Insanity program leading up to this boxing task so I was “in shape;” however, after the first day at this gym, I learned that I was not. Not even close.


My first day started June 12, 2013 at 6pm and went until 7pm , the most physically demanding hour of my life. We started off with 100 push ups, OK, manageable. Then we did ring step ups, which is about 3 feet off the ground for a standard set of 3 minutes. Then we did 100 on the ring push ups. Then we did 3 minutes of squats with a 45 lb plate on our heads. Then we did wall sits with a 45lb plate on our thighs. This is when I started to realize that Coach Mike was not playing around. 

This was also the first and last time that I cussed “oh shit” in the gym when he announced that we had another 100 push ups with our feet on the ring, costing myself another 25 push-ups as well as every member in the gym. We then had to do what was 5 rounds of straight up sit ups, wall touch sit ups, bicycles, heel touches, and planks. The planks were the absolute worst because he made us intermittently do 20-30 push ups without dropping our knees or hands. My arms never wobbled any more than that last set of planks.

We then got a surprise of abs workouts, medicine ball throws directly into the abs which we had to take and then give back to him. I felt like Rocky. 

My memory seems to lapse of what happened next, I am writing this a couple days later, maybe I repressed the rest; however, I do remember not getting any water breaks the entire hour. 

I spent the rest of the evening wobbling around and telling everyone how ridiculous these workouts were. I got a fellow intern to join me, his first practice was to be tomorrow.


Anyways here’s my day 1 starting pictures I’ve taken to measure physical differences, I’m not really on a diet of sorts besides trying avoiding junk food, drinking, etc.