Day Three

by mojocho

Just got back from my third day at the gym which is the day I decided to start this blog.

I realized that I should make this blog when I was flipping an old 45 lb truck tire down to the end of a block and back and thought, this is highly old fashioned in my mind and these workouts are ridiculous and need to be shared. After flipping that tire for about 10 minutes, Coach Mike handed me a large 10 lbs+ sledge hammer and asked me to hit a smaller (yet still large) tire back down the block and back. Construction workers and local drivers were giving me looks, even the local hoodlums were casting curious glances. The blisters and skins hanging off makes writing this post particularly difficult. This picture accurately represents the workout: Image

I would have considered today a tame day, until we started jumping rope. Now I’m sure you’ve all jumped a rope before and could probably do it for a while, but the rope we used was this 10 lbs+ rope that is made of heavy elastics. After jumping that for 5+ minutes and switching to a normal jump rope I guarantee your jump speed will increase three-fold. 

We then did ring step ups for three minutes, box jumps for three minutes, then 100 ankle brace quad raises, followed by 100 push ups.

Then I got to put on my gloves.

Finally! Turns out that making the bag move a lot from hitting it is considered bad technique. Did you know that hitting a bag without moving it much is just as powerful as moving the whole thing but consumes less energy. Image

After working the heavy bag, I got to work the upper cut bag, which looks like this: Image 

and learned that to upper cut properly you need to turn your wrist so that your palm faces you when you upper cut.

Then comes the speed floor to ceiling bag which comes back at you when you hit it. Stick and MoveImage

It’s fun to punch things, I am going to wait until I am allowed to spar, for now things have been an intense work out, but I’m looking more forward to hitting things.