Day Two

by mojocho

Already walking down a pair of steps hurts my chest as the vibrations irritate my worked chest. It hurts to sneeze as my abs are sore to the core. My wrists have a limited range of motion because my forearms are spent — yet I feel great!

Went to the gym with a friend and we had an even more demanding session: we all had to do 50 incline chest presses with 35 lbs dumbbells, which the gym only carries one set of each of the following weights: 10lbs 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs, as well as other things to carry. 50 barbell curls, 50 squats holding a large and unwieldy heavy bag, 50 situps with 35 lbs held up in ready position, 50 barbell standing shoulder presses, 50 squats with a 45 lbs plate held above our heads then 50 punches to the gut as we held these same plates above our heads. All the while we are encouraged by “You came here to work. Let’s Work” so it’s basically you in the gym pushing yourself.

I feel the hardest parts about his workouts are the high repetitions and various workouts that we rarely repeat at each session. The most notable workout portions are the ab workouts. We spent 9 minutes straight doing leg lifts and flutter kicks and no one was allowed to drop their feet or we all had to do 50 push ups. No one wants to mess it up for everyone. Nobody. 

At the end of the workout we had to sprint for minutes at a time up the highest incline and oldest treadmill you’ve ever been on. This immediately proceeded the 3 minutes of wall sits while holding a 20 lbs bar straight out in front of us and then diagonally up and then straight up. 

After this was all finished, I immediately guzzled down 2 full water bottles and went to Subway and ordered a footlong oven roasted chicken sandwich with double meat and all vegetables because I needed to eat. Then I came back and had a yogurt and then another chicken breast. Remember that I don’t really hold any diet. I then ordered protein powder. My body is hungry.