Day Four

by mojocho

I’m going to start this one off with a confession. I got in a fight over snow forts back when I was in middle school and I told everyone that I had won that fight. Truth is, I lost, I know I’m a phony, and to be honest I sometimes have nightmares of powerlessness and not being able to hit back- maybe that’s the reason why I joined Tae Kwon Do, but the bad dreams never stopped.


Flash forward to day four at the Cleveland Boxing Club. A buddy and I ran about five blocks to get to the gym, Coach Mike asked us if we ran, then told us to run to Public Square and back, which is roughly 2 miles. When we came back I got to put on my helmet and gloves and spar for the first time against an amateur boxer who’s been training for a while.

We went for five rounds, turns out Tae Kwon Do taught me a lot about fighting, the importance of range, examining your opponents weaknesses and a high emphasis on footwork kept me alive and I managed to hit him with a couple ‘one-twos.’ It was super empowering.

After we finished, it was right back to 100 push-ups on an elevated bar then flipping the large truck tire down the block, the block felt much farther this time, probably due to the run. Then we carried two tires in an elevated position from our sides to work on our lats. I think this is the first time I’ve truly worked on those muscles. We then did another 100 push ups on the bar and 100 mountain climbers, at this point all technique or proper form was going down the drain.

We then finished off the day with three wind sprints down the block and back, between each set was 10 push ups.

Even now it feels there are mini weights on the tops of my fingers due to the intensity of the training and holding the tires. 

Anyways back to my past, I feel powerful, I think I discovered a strength in me that I forgot I had. I have conquered my fear of punching and exchanging punches, it was a great workout!





I would also love to hear any extreme workouts that you guys are doing or some fears that you have conquered. Until next time!