Day Five

by mojocho

Holy crap. My hands are shaking, I can barely type. This was easily, the hardest I have ever worked my entire life, on anything. Whether it be school, work, play, or exercising, this was the hardest I have done something.

When I got into the gym a bit early, the first thing Coach Mike said was “Today we’re going to do some conditioning.” He pointed over to the good ol’ treadmill and set it to the highest incline setting and set it at ‘5.0’ and told me that he wants me to try to run for 60 minutes, then saying that no one has ever done that before. -Just a point of reference for my fellow Cornellians, it’s about Libe Slope Incline- here’s a picture:Image

After 1 minute of running I thought 30 minutes was a good goal. After about five minute of running, I could feel my calves and quads ignite. By six minutes I couldn’t keep my eye off the clock and bargained myself down to running just 20 minutes. By the seventh minute even visualizing the Rocky scene of me running across town with all the towns people running after me could not motivate me enough to go past 10 minutes. Image

The final three minutes was a mixture of pain and actively trying to repress my memory. I ran for 10:03, here’s to the warm up!

My friend John came and when he arrived we had to do the two mile Public Square run immediately after I finished my treadmill expedition. On the way back it felt like someone was holding a knife in my stomach.

When we got back we put on our 16oz. gloves and threw 100 punches at the heavy bag, then immediately threw 200 more, then 300 more. Then we did glove work, meaning we punched some mitts:


I’m sure you guys know what a “one” and a “one two” are, but just in case you don’t they are jabs, and a jab cross. We did those and “one two threes” and “one to three four” in sets of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100. After finishing that it was about three minutes of jumping jacks, then back to mitt work. However, this time we the whole set again but with the mitts held high, meaning it hurt a lot worse. After finishing that set it was back to jumping jacks for three minutes (all of this we kept our gloves on), then we finished off with what may be the three most difficult minutes of my life.

This time he had me do glove work (I use ‘mitt work’ and ‘glove work’ interchangeably) while he was standing on top of the ring which was way higher than anything prior. Basically he said he wanted me to “punch out” which means punch until you can no longer punch. When this happens, every single motivational quote you have read, it all goes down the drain, the punch out is what builds character, its where children become adults. 

After we did our punch out we had to do 50 shoulder circles extended outwards, in front of us, then above our heads, then immediately 100 shoulder circles in the opposite direction to get our backs.


This picture does not accurately demonstrate the pain that occurs during the workout*

Then came the “Fat Boy,” it’s where someone pulls the heaviest bag back  and let’s go, and you have to punch it as hard and as fast as possible so that it does not push you back.  The bag weighs about 90 lbs, the length of the bag is about 10ft, someone please calculate the force of the bag coming at me. It was freakin’ impossible to stop. Being the small 138lb individual that I am, it felt like I was punching back against a car rolling down a hill.


It’s something like this, but no one is holding the bag after you start punching.

After the Fat Boy came the hardest 100 push ups of my life. I admittedly conceded to doing them on my knees but at that point, I really didn’t care. 

The days’ workout finally was at its end and Coach Mike and I casually talked about his diet. Which consisted of 12 egg whites for breakfast, creatine, testosterone supplement, liver supplement, vitamins, digestive enzymes, fish oil and pretty much every protein item you can think of. I am a bit hesitant to take testosterone, and I don’t know what liver supplements would do, hopefully someone who has some proper diet education to fill me in.

For now I will stick with my whey protein powder and college budget chicken breast. Please let me know what you think! Until next time friends!