Day Six

by mojocho

Not going to lie, this is getting pretty exhausting. I think I need to learn when to stop. I can feel my resting pulse against my headphones, they override the thumping of the bump.

The first thing Coach Mike had us do was 300 sit-ups, they take up more time than they are painful in my opinion. We then transitioned to 100 push-ups, then back to three minutes of full bicycles. We then did heel touches with a 10lb medicine ball wedged between our knees for three minutes then did full twisting sit-ups for three minutes. At this point holding the ball hurt my groin more than my abs.

It was then time for planks, three minutes straight arm planks. I can only imagine true super athletes to be able to do this for three straight minutes without having to adjust or at least shake out there shoulders for a bit. Then we did the roller abs, looks like this:


Which I felt destroyed my upper triceps and shoulders more than my abs. We did that and switched off with “elbow ups” which is essentially going from push up position down to elbows and back up for three minutes. 

Basically what was supposed to be an “abs day” turned out to be arms, yet again. Coach Mike sent us on the Public Square Run Image

It’s about a 2.2 mile run according to google maps, he said we had to do it within 15 minutes, which isn’t bad, but after roller abs it certainly is.

When we got back, I got to put on the gloves and spar with my new gym buddy Danny. We went for four rounds and I hit him with a few good shots, but we both have a long way to go.

Then came Death Dead lifts. I have never done dead lifts before, not even when I was all about lifting. We did six rounds of three minutes alternating between continuous dead lifts with 45s on the bar and the very heavy jump road. 


Actual rope is much heavier and thicker, plus wayy more beat up (held together with duct tape).

After 18 minutes of death and “Push yourself” from Coach Mike we were done. Until someone said “sh!t” and we all had to do 25 more push ups. I need to take a break from the gym.

Anyways this is a shout out to all my friends who are looking to join the Cleveland Boxing Club, I recommend it if you want a serious work out beyond the usual grind of lifting and running. Until next time folks!