Day Seven

by mojocho

Today was a somewhat familiar workout, but this time with new faces. I managed to convince three others to join the boxing gym, boy did they have a fun time.

We started off signing forms and getting everyone ready to go – the calm before the storm.


Accurate representation of what was about to happen.

We immediately started with the Public Square run, a worthy warm up for even the most skeptical. We then came back and did 100 very deep elevated push-ups outside the gym on some bars, coach mike is all about form. 

We then walked back inside to see multiple stations, stations that I knew would suck. We had to do 50 heavy bag squats with a 50lb bag in our hands, then 50 military barbell press, then 50 barbell bicep curls, then 50 step ups with a weighted bar in our hands. That was about half of the set, but I’m letting you know that at no point were we allowed to drop the weights and we were only allowed “three, ‘one thousands'” as a break. So it was pretty terrible. 

We then had 50 plate squats off the ring, holding a 45lb plate locked over our heads, 50 dumbell chest presses, and then 50 roller ab reps. All of our shirts were drenched and we were all trying to get water every free moment.

We were all going at our own pace, up until we had the sit up ab punches. I was the first to go up, set down the mats right next to the treadmill and lock my feet under the elevated belt. Coach mike then grabbed his heaviest “Medicine” ball and threw the ball upon my tender abs.  “One.” It’s like getting punched in the stomach, literally, so we had to do fifty each. Every impact made me want to either hurl or crap myself. 


A picture of my friend taking it like a champ.

After taking the hits, it was 50 bicycles and 50 sit-up wall touches. We all left together, and to everyone, it too, was “The hardest workout of their life.” Little do they know, it only gets better.