Day Eight

by mojocho

Either I’m getting stronger or these tires are getting lighter. I think I can physically feel the difference after these past two weeks of training, which feels extremely rewarding. Or it could be the Creatine I started taking, but I’d like to think it was mostly the previous seven days.


Today we started with the Capital One run, which is actually about half the distance of the Public square run (so this was a one miler). 


We then came back to a string of the Cleveland Boxing Club’s actual boxers and joined them for a bit of their workout. We began with 150 elevated on-the-bar push ups, followed by 100 mountain climbers on the bar, followed by 50 more push ups. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad. 

We then had three all out wind sprints down superior ave. which took a lot out of us. Then the boxers left. We each then had 300 heavy jump ropes, I feel like if I were to use a normal jump rope, I would be much faster. 

The tire flip I think was the pivotal point I believe, the hurdle, that was always pretty friggin’ difficult, but today it was manageable. The block didn’t seem as long and I felt good after finishing, though my hands couldn’t keep up and the skin tore and callused, which is getting annoying.

We finished with four rounds of boxing, I went against Will my dietitian friend for two rounds, and Jeff my rugby aficionado friend for two rounds: it was fun. Will could take a hit like a champ and Jeff knocked me with a pretty good shot, they both are going to be great, plus they work very hard. All-in-all exercising is fun and rewarding, learning a new skill is even better, and getting to share that with your friends is the best.

Day Eight was really good thanks to all your guys’ hard work, keep it up! I’m off to eat chicken, rice and beans and whatever is affordable for my college diet, until next time!