Day 10

by mojocho

Today was the best boxing practice so far. Started learning actual technique and learned just how much technique goes into each movement and punch. Coach Mike was too busy training some new people so I just assumed he would of told us to go on the Public Square run, so we did. These runs feel like a warm up these days and I can run them at a solid 5:15 mile pace.

When we got back it was another assumed 100 push ups and 50 bicep curls for good measure. Then we went to the ring and met “Cleve” which is short for Cleveland, a skinny and unkempt black man with massive forearms and a certain confidence in him. We made introductions and he went to work right away on me.

Within the first 30 seconds I learned that I am not holding my hands right, my arms needed to be tucked into my body and my weak hand should always be leading. Also, I need to keep my back foot further back and point angle my body away while pointing my front foot at the opponent.


I also learned that you should always match your punches with your feet. Every jab comes with a foot movement and you should punch into the opponent, make him “feel it.” Also to lean the weight forward and to keep your feet in line, or else lose balance. In addition moving clockwise is simply walking backwards, everything relaxed, and moving counter clockwise is a sort of shuffle. 


After that we worked the hands, and we worked hard, for at least seven rounds straight. We did work individually on the jabs, the straights the hooks and the uppercuts at first, then went right into one twos, one-two-one-twos, then with hook-uppers on it, and upper-upper-hook-straights. All while keeping a certain rhythm. 

What’s interesting to me is boxing is essentially those four punches at various angles and combinations, that along with a lot of strength, conditioning, reaction, ring management, ranging, and fight instinct makes boxing to be an amazing sport. Now when I watch boxing I can at least appreciate the technique, finesse, strength, and guts that each professional brings to the table. It takes a lot of work to make something look easy, and boxing is by no means easy.

Keep working hard everyone!