Day 11

by mojocho

Today was bobbing and weaving and speed bag training. Started off the day with the habitual 2.6 miler Public Square run then did some squats, step ups, and wall sits to strengthen my legs, which is extremely important in boxing. 

We then put up the rope and practiced bobbing and weaving. The trick was to move your feet in little motions and to bend at the knees “the f!@#$%^ knees” according to some old guy whom we met for the first time who seemed to know what he was talking about. It was a dizzying task and but it felt like we were making progress. We then learned to add uppercuts to the weaves and weaved forwards and backwards for several rounds.

Just imagine this, but with a rope at just below shoulder height as a barrier.

Then the same guy who had a crude ‘tude taught me how to work the speed bag, the key is gentle hits and to get a rhythm. Think “one two three” that means, when you hit it, it hits the top once, twice, three times, then you hit it again. You also have to keep your shoulders up and keep the punches coming in a light rotational motion. It’s a workout/drill, not boxing.


Notice the shoulders are up and the rolling motion of the guy on the far left

It was a pretty chill day, I think I’m finally accustomed to the workouts now and I can focus on getting the technique and drills down. I will admit the first 10 days were really hard and there were times I didn’t want to go to the gym and stay home and watch movies. There were times I wanted to go out and party, but I chose to stay and not spoil my diet. Finally, I have to say, it’s worth it; I feel great and I know if you’re actually taking the time reading this, you must be getting some value, whether it be to try boxing, or get workouts or motivation, I know you have it in you to push yourself and grow.