Day 12

by mojocho

I feel like the harder I work, the easier it is to work hard next time. My life revolves around the boxing gym now, I eat a mostly protein diet and forgo any sweets or alcohol to keep my diet in check. I sleep early so I can be well rested for work and the gym, now I even watch Rocky and boxing videos on Youtube on my off time.


My boxing training started off while I was at the beach, as part of my summer internship program we were picking up some litter at the Huntington beach. After we finished I felt like it would be a good opportunity to work on some footwork, so I walked around in circles and shadow sparred until the sweat dripped down into my eyes and it was uncomfortable to do so.


Oh how I wish this was the actual beach where I trained.

My friend Will and I then went to the boxing gym, I wasn’t really planning on going, but I couldn’t resist. I went wearing my Rainbow sandals and did some of my usual work. Started off with 100 push ups incline, then abs and military press and barbell curls. Also got to work the speed bag and the heavy bag. Things just feel right. Things being boxing in general, it’s great, I’m loving the workouts and I can feel the progress. When I see fights that are sometimes on, I see a lack of technique. I see the matrix. Though in actuality, I probably only see the basics.


Notice the bent wrist of left hand and both the open guards, tsk tsk. This is probably from a movie or something though.

I’ve decided that after this summer is over I will continue to box and find a local gym by my college and work my way up to proficiency, but not sure if I am confident enough to try out amateur boxing. We shall see.