Day 13

by mojocho

I feel on top of the world, a runner’s high. I accidentally ran 9 miles today. I was supposed to run the upgraded 5 mile “boxer’s run” which is two times as long as the usual Public Square run.


From there across Carnegie and up 22nd street to be about 5 miles.

However, I did not remember these directions, it turns out that Loraine turns into Carnegie and the street Carnegie does not exist on the west side. Due to this mis-communication I ended up running 1.5 miles further south before deciding that I was going way beyond five miles and decided to ask a homeless man for directions to Carnegie. Turned around and finished running back to the boxing club out of sheer desire to

  1. Prove to myself I could run this
  2. Tell Coach Mike that I ran more than his “Boxer’s Run” where he has only his fighters run it


It is exactly 1.5 miles past where I should have turned… sigh

Anyways I finally got back to the gym and I never stopped running. It took me about an hour which means I averaged around a 7 minute mile. I think it’s the longest I’ve ran at one time, a 10k is 6.21 miles, oh well I guess I can say I ran a 10k now. Every tendon in my foot and bone in my foot and ankle hurt a lot. When I got back to the gym, there was no sympathy, it was 100 push ups.

Then it was 300 heavy jump ropes. Then 20 40lb weighted incline push ups on the ring, 20 mountain climbers, then 30 push ups, 30 mountain climbers and 20 ring step ups. I made the mistake of telling Coach Mike his workouts were getting easy last time. Woops. I guess I may have actually been high from running, because after we finished, I told him the workouts were still getting too easy. I should keep my mouth shut.

If anything I learned that the human body has an amazing amount of potential, and I think I may be getting truly in shape for the first time since high school.

Also if anyone is curious my diet is currently, here’s a snapshot of myfitnesspal below:


As you can see I’m trying to gain weight, I am a little on the slender side.


Picture of my dinner,  costs less than $5 to make, has about 1,500 calories and 125 grams protein.