Day 14

by mojocho

I will never openly admit to Coach Mike that his workouts are easy ever again, whether it be in person or online. Today was straight death. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Not sure if any of you get this as well, but my stomach hurts from working so hard, an hour after the workout. My hands are trembling, all I want to do is sleep. This was much harder than my previous hardest day of work ever (may have been day 5,6 or 7, I forgot).


We started off with the Charter One run, which is roughly 1.5 miles, which probably should have been the first flag to warn me of a hard day, it was too easy. We got back and immediately did 100 push ups. Then we did wind sprints down the block and ran backwards back. We continued with the with these wind sprints while doing push ups in between sets. After a couple wind sprints, we did suicides, 10 to be exact, down the block and finished with another wind sprint.


After that whole debacle we ran the Charter One run again. Now we introduce our new member Corben, also part of the internship program. He’s really in shape, and he does every workout faster and with better technique (debatable). He was running that Charter run so I naturally had to keep up. We got back and did 100 more push ups and then 100 mountain climbers and then started doing tires. We did two sets of tire flips down and back behind the boxing gym. We then did the sideways tire hold to “work on our wings.” After, we did another 100 push ups and then as many dips as we could (175+) while the other guys finished up.


This guy has enough wings to fly.

Then it was the Charter One run again. Literally keeping my back straight was hard enough, let alone keeping my arms from dropping. My calves were still on fire from the 10k+ run on Monday. I was literally running on fumes. Corben finished at least a full block ahead of me. It makes me happy though, seeing someone who’s in better shape, makes me work harder, and to be honest, I never could tell if I was in shape or not because I was always working out with people who just started getting in shape again. Keep on working hard Corben!

At the end of the workout, Coach Mike was telling me that he read my blogs, and that’s part of the reason why today was so death-tastic. He was telling us to watch what we eat tomorrow (Independence Day) because on Friday (day after) he was going to set “About ten trash cans inside so y’all can vomit it all out.” Thank fully I’ll be in Chicago and won’t have to vomit until Monday.


Hope everyone has a great Independence day! Stay safe you beautiful people~