Day 15

by mojocho

Today, I have earned the name “Mogatti”! This is because Coach Mike simply loves the song “Bugatti” by Ace Hood, Future, and Rick Ross. I like to think its symbolic for my speed or something other than just a play on words of a recent rap song.


Started the day off with the public square run, it started pouring half way through, so I was completely drenched. We then got our gear on to start sparing, it took a while because we were trying to form mouth guards but it kept melting onto the solo cup that we microwaved. I sparred with will, not gonna lie, did pretty well. Cleve and Coach Mike were saying that I’m spar ready, so tomorrow I will be sparring with the actual boxers. I’m anticipating a wrecking, but that’s how I learned when I joined Tae Kwon Do at Cornell, I kept challenging the best and kept getting destroyed until I learned. No Pain, No Gain.


Cleve then drilled us on technique and combinations, this time with more slips and more compact punches. Keeping the form straight, for a couple rounds. Then we sparred again, and we finished because I got a really clean shot to the jaw/eye in. It was then on to push ups. We did 10 push ups, jump, 20, jump, 30, 40, and 50. After boxing for several rounds, push ups become exponentially more difficult. Then it was 100 (actually 200) jumping jacks, which I did with pretty poor form. Then jump rope, this time with a speed rope, and every time I messed up I had to do 30 seconds of running incline. Pretty tired at this point.


Then came sweet death. It was awful. 10 minutes of on-off sprints. It was just Will and I, my girlfriend (who was in town), Coach Mike, and the tread mill. We traded off doing 30 second sprints at max incline. Then after 3 minutes Will had an Asthma attack and had to do wind sprints outside instead. That left me to finish up. Only this time it moved up to increments of 1 minute and the speed was increasing from 6.0 to 7.0 to 7.5 to 8.0. I was slightly unconscious near the end. Every positive affirmation I knew was keeping me alive “I am powerful”//”Just five more seconds, you can do it!” was the only thing keeping me going. Finally we finished, legs were jelly, heart was going crazy, dehydrated. That was one way to work off all that inactivity and food binges this weekend.

Back to the 9-5 grind, chicken, pasta, pb and j sandwiches and cereal. So long late night eating and excess consumption and empty calories~ Keep on fighting the good fight!