Day 16

by mojocho

Turns out I boxed the golden gloves champion of Cleveland today for my weight class. Nobody told me this until after I got rocked. He fought the entire time with his hands down, my face is cut a little bit from his lightning fast jabs, he could slip nearly all my punches. He was greasy fast. I did however not get destroyed, I landed a few solid punches for me, and now that I know that is the upper bound for at least my level, I know that I have a long way to go. I know what my training is for, I know what stamina I need, what speed I need, I understand why I’m doing hundreds of push ups, thousands of punches, and drills upon drills and mile runs back after back. It’s to get good enough to be a contender. I got rocked, but I learned so much. 


In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of failure. – Bill Cosby

I did spar another guy who did Karate and was boxing for around the same amount of time as me. He wasn’t anywhere near close the skill level of the GG boxer, and I managed to out box him within the first round and he was replaced. Unfortunately, I improperly wrapped my hands and ended up dislocating my knuckle on one of my punches so I had to stop. It turns out you’re not supposed to wrap between your knuckles unless you are at an actual fight, for sparring and training, it’s best to just get the top of the knuckles and the wrist.


Middle knuckle is dislocated 😦

I didn’t stop though. I put my gloves back on and worked on my left hand jabs, also I worked on my footwork and form. I ended up asking the GG boxer what I need to improve and he went off, he said I drop my hands when I’m about to get punched, I need to bend my knees more, I need to keep my chin down all the time and keep my hands up and shoulders relaxed. I also need to learn how to properly slip.

So I went to Cleve, Coach Mike’s trainer, and asked him to teach me how to slip and weave. He showed me and we went to work. I now know how to properly slip a punch and he showed me a thing or two about rhythm. It’ll be a while before I can get a decent rhythm, but I’ll work on it. He also showed me to keep a good distance, not too close “rock em’ sock em style” but far enough to really throw punches. 


Look how compact that shot was

Today was a pretty chill day compared to others. It was a bummer that I got injured. I definitely enjoyed the thrill of fighting someone way out of my league. Before I fought him, Coach Mike said to my face “He is way better than you, way out of your league” I was pumped. Then during the fight, everyone kept on yelling, “Don’t hold back, Mo can take it,” and it felt good. I felt real good today, my mouth is cut up and my eye regions was swelling a bit, but it was totally worth it.

Keep on fighting everyone! Success and hard work are brothers.