Day 17

by mojocho

Today it didn’t matter that my hand was injured, he still made me and everyone work really hard. We started off with the 5 mile boxers run, even this feels pretty chill now. We came back and had alternating sets of incline treadmill 30 second long sprints and push-ups, jumping jacks, jump ropes, dips, and finally mountain climbers. I couldn’t do the jump rope because it hurt to twist my hand to finish the loop.


After the warm up we did wind sprints down the blog, and sprints back, and backward runs and forward sprints and four sets of 25 push ups in between our additional wind sprints. We actually called it a day after then. 


It was a runner filled day that a couple weeks ago, there would be no way I could do it. I can actually sprint the wind sprints now vs. a long stride, I can do the push ups while touching my chest to the bar. Things aren’t necessarily easier, but I think I’m developing a mental toughness, a voice is starting to develop in my head, saying “I can do this!” even when I feel like I’m about to throw up or pass out.


I didn’t really expect anything beyond getting in shape and learning some boxing, but at this particular club, it’s all positive energy and Coach Mike keeps us pushing our limits everyday  and I feel pretty powerful.

Anyways enjoy your weekend everyone, keep motivated, keep fighting!