Day 17.5

by mojocho

Hello everyone, just checking in for those who follow this blog. These past two days have been pretty good rest and relaxation, but not in the conventional sense. I did go on a six mile run yesterday and just got back from a four mile run. Running is now really relaxing, it’s one of those activities where my mind is pretty clear and I don’t really think of anything. It’s like dynamic meditation.


At first beyond simply wanted to learn boxing, I wanted to get big and look all “swol” like the conventional college aged gym bro. I thought the hard workouts would make me even more cut, but now as I have actually in the blood and sweat and pushed myself to tears, I can say that working out has brought me much more. I feel internally happier, I could really care less at this point of my physical appearance (beyond a certain threshold). I built up such an esteem from knowing that I put myself out there nearly every day pushing myself and it is extremely rewarding to feel the results in my exercises. 


My knuckles are healing, my wrist is aching less when I move it, and I feel more mobile than ever. I can only hope you are all feeling some sort of empowerment and joy out of whatever method you push yourself, whether it be through your workout, your employment, your hobbies, or your studies. Thank you very much for following, and have a great rest the week.