Day 18

by mojocho

Today was 90 degrees and had an 80% humidity so we did not do sprints nor did we do any runs. We did however drill combinations, slips, catches and 10 punch combinations. Combinations being 1-2s and adding various off hand hooks and upper cuts. Slips and weaves just dodging all the hooks and jabs that Cleve threw at us, and finally catching all the body shots by hitting the punches with the elbows.


This guy Mike Tyson knew how to weave really well.

We worked a lot on keeping the hands up, the elbows tucked into the ribs, and hitting the jabs. Also keeping the knees bent, shoulder relaxed and chin down, and making sure we felt our shoulder touch our cheeks when we threw the punches to ensure our punches were straight. Also the concept of getting in and getting out, hit without getting hit. Here’s a decent article on proper stance, but really you should find your own according to your fight style:

We worked the bag and worked the mitts until we couldn’t any more and had to go home. It was a pretty light workout, it was technique intensive. I would like a good ol’ fashion push me to my limits practice soon..