Day 20

by mojocho

Started from the bottom now I’m here, Day 20. Looking back, I can safely say, I have a long way to go. Coach Cleve said that I have to get over my punch shyness, that “you get tense when you’re getting hit, don’t worry, you’ll get over it, we gon’ spar,” basically the next time he trains me, he’s going to “teach” me. 


Not sure if you know this, but he has terrible arm positioning, needs to cover those ribs, no wonder he’s weak to fighting type.

The first thing you realize when you walk into the Cleveland Boxing Club, at least in this weather, is it is hotter inside than it is outside. “If it’s 93 out there, it’s 103 in here” – Coach Mike, which means it’s a great place to lose weight, but the heat drains the body. That plus the heat coming off of everyone else and that stale feeling of sweat permeating in the air gives the whole training session that rugged Rocky Balboa montage feeling. 


We started with 10 minutes of running on the treadmill at max incline, I was sweating buckets by the end of it. We then worked the heavy bag for about 20 minutes while waiting for Coach Cleve to teach us, that never happened though because Coach Mike decided that we’ll just do conditioning instead of waiting around.

We did five sets of 20 push ups incline with our hands on the edges of the treadmills. Between each set we got three “one thousands” to rest, so basically it was 100 straight push ups. We then had three sets of planks, each lasting 20 seconds each, with a three second pause in the “down” push up position. Then we had 100, 200, then 300 bicycles. We then had 100 jumping jacks, then 100 jump ropes with the heavy hope. We were all working (Jeff, Greg [a new old guy], and Will) at a different pace.

When we all finished it was time for the “killer” workout, according to Coach Mike.. Turned out to not be killer, though the anticipation of what it would be was killing me. We ended up standing in a rectangular formation and each did 10, 15, 20 squats with a 50 lb heavy bag in our arms. In between sets though we would walk across the room and hand them off to the next guy. I personally thought it wasn’t that bad and most of us finished it with ease.


Then the workout was over, the days are getting a little shorter, probably due to the 103+ degree Fahrenheit weather. So far deciding to take on boxing and have a healthy diet has been producing results, I will probably post a progress pic sometime in the next week if I remember to (uploading pictures is always one of those things I don’t like doing). Until next time~