Day 21

by mojocho

Hello everyone, it’s the weekend. That means sparring time and long runs! Today I went four rounds, two against a 6’2″ fast ex-military boxer, and two against a 5’8″ golden gloves fighter. They already sparred 5 rounds before going against me but even then they were fast. It was very difficult rounds, the military guy kept hitting me with stiff double jabs and uppercuts, my lips were getting all cut up inside because my mouth guard wasn’t formed properly. I got him with a couple good body shots, I am still getting used to throwing punches when I am trying to defend myself rather than balling up. 


He was tagging me with long jabs from a distance

Against the GG fighter he was everyone, going to the body and the head, he got me with a lot of good shots. He took it a bit easy on me and told me to work on my combinations, telling me that “when you’re hitting a combination, if you do it right, I can’t hit you,” which is really nice because from appearance he’s not very approachable. I hit them with a few good shots.


He was hitting me with solid body shots, the ones that take the air out of you and makes your legs weak.

After we finished off, Coach Mike sent us on the boxers run, we were all pretty tired. We talked for about the first two miles before I broke off at my own pace. They gave pretty good words of encouragement, saying that I’m pretty “cold” for being only twenty days in, that I have a lot of heart, and that we all started off “at the bottom now we here.” It was pretty encouraging, I’ll get over my reaction to tense up and learn to throw instead. Getting hit hurts, but it doesn’t hurt that much. I tend to look down when I throw punches to avoid getting hit in the chin; however that prevents me from seeing where I am punching. I have to learn to punch AND get punched at the same time to be better. That will come in time.

After finishing the run it was about ten more minutes of bag work and then we called it a day. Overall, today I got experience, an ass-whooping, but overall experience. One of these days, I will be good enough to win. Just have to keep going, one day at a time.