Day 22

by mojocho

Watch out world today I have taken a big step forward in boxing. By big step, I mean controlled little steps at a very casual rhythm. We started off the day with the public square run, 2.5 miler, which we haven’t done in a while due to the 100+ degree Fahrenheit weather and running of the 5 miler boxer’s run. I ran it with one of the guys that I met on Day 2, only this time, I beat him by 3+ minutes, oh the progress. When we got back, it was non-stop all out technique for an hour and a half.


Coach Cleve had me working jabs and combinations as usual. This time, everything had to be right.  Shifting the weight down and forward on the upper cuts and popping the punch while planting the opposite foot and turning the toe, all while being compact enough to bring it back and follow up with a perfect straight. Keeping the hooks strong, compact, and bringing it right back and being able to combo off of it all the while keeping it all in a rhythm. Now throwing one two’s and all combinations off of a slip or weave and keep pushing forward. Not letting the gloves touch so that I “always know where the punch is at.” 


We went from working the hands, to working the bag, and we worked hard. Every punch had to count, my whole body was behind every combination. Also worked the speed bag to get rhythm and timing down. We then worked in front of the mirror to get the slips and weaves as compact as possible. Before I knew it it was 8pm and it was time to go home.


It was a great practice and I learned a lot, can’t wait till I have an actual match, I just need to keep on sparring and keep on getting beat up.