Day 23

by mojocho

Woke up at 5:30 am to have my first morning workout. Getting out of bed wasn’t easy, but Coach Mike texted me the other night so I had to go. We all jogged over for the 6 am practice and stretched out, in the mean time I figured I would weigh myself as I hadn’t eaten anything, I now weigh 148 lbs, which is roughly a 10 lb gain since I started boxing. Now minus off 2 lbs from clothes and shoes and that’s roughly a lot of either water weight, or actual gains. I was surprised, I don’t feel bigger or anything, I guess I’ll take a progress picture later tonight.

waking up

We started off the workout at a high pace and didn’t let up until the end. It was a Public Square run, which felt pretty refreshing in the cool morning air. Corben and I ran at beast mode pace, which is roughly 5:30 minute mile for 2.5 miles. One of the newer guys cut the run short and turned around early saying that he’d “keep up with us”– so naturally we picked up the pace, a lot. When we got back, there were many stations set up and we went to work.


First station was 20 heavy bag squats. Then 20 sit ups with dumbbells in hand for punches at the peak (10 lbs), 20 chest presses (35 lbs), 20 barbell curls (55 lbs), 20 military presses (45 lbs), 20 high step ups (35 lbs each hand), 20 push ups then we headed outside. We then had farmer’s walk, holding two 45 lbs plates on each hand we had to walk down the block (60 meters approx.) and back, each time we dropped it was ten more push ups when we got back. I dropped it six times, my fingers why dying, my wrist and knuckles were still injured and my forearms were on fire. Veins were bulging. After farmer’s we did tire flips down the block, then sledgehammered a tire down the back alleyway and back (this time my hands didn’t cut open), then did 20 mountain climbers and 200 jumping jacks then 60 dips. At this point we’re all pretty tired, then Coach Mike tells us that we have a new workout, one that’ll keep the mind and the muscles confused. We had 100 push ups while doing a “one-two-three one” count, meaning we basically did 200 push ups but counted differently.


It was a brutal strength training that I probably could not do a month ago. It felt good, I feel good, everyone was feeling good because they worked so hard – such a great way to start off the day.

On a different note, I’m still getting used to writing about myself online and making my thoughts known and forever public. Let me know what you think of my writing style, does it appeal to you? Should I include more detail on the workouts themselves or what I personally feel? I’m not quite sure what my audience is or how you reach my blog. I would love to hear what you think.