Day 24

by mojocho

I am overworking myself. This is my second two-a-day in a row. Yesterday after the morning workout and a very big struggle with staying awake in work, I went back to the gym and did about an hour of work on technique, bag work and boxing. Then this morning I got up at around 6:30 am and went on a decent tempo four mile run with Corben (the fast runner), and Paul. We went fast partly because Paul has not boxed and hence was not allowed to beat us even though he independently works out, naturally our competitive natures stepped in and we ran a pretty decent pace.


After another difficult day of staying alert at work it was back to the gym; today was a particularly difficult workout. We started off with a 2.5 mile Public Square run and then got back and strapped up for sparring. I went five total rounds, one round with a very experienced fourteen year old. He had pretty decent four to five punch combinations that I couldn’t help but keep my hands up and try to slip. He was taking it easy on me at first, then he put on the boosters and started dropping bombs. We sparred in a rotation so after I got out and the other three started boxing it was my turn for four straight rounds.

First of the four was against James, the tall black 6’2″ ex-military boxer. His arms are as long as my legs and he can hit me with jabs from what seems halfway across the ring. I had to get inside to deliver punishment, but it did cost me a few good knocks to the forehead and a cut lip. After James was some new guy that was not new and weighs ~20 lbs more than me. A young black, supra-athletic 5’10” guy kept coming to my body. I had a hard time swinging and my calves kept on cramping up due to all the running I’ve been doing all day. I could slip his jabs to get inside but he too was comfortable on the inside, so it ended up being a brawl. At the end of this second round the cycle continued and I fought the others. My hands became more heavy, my breathing heavier, but I didn’t stop. I wouldn’t, no, I was going to fight back. I ended up getting them with pretty hard body and head shots and got them on the ropes. Granted if you were watching this happen, you would probably say the other guy one, but that I had heart, as that’s what everyone said after I asked them for their criticisms.


It was one hell of an sparring gauntlet. My calves were on fire and my arms I could barely lift. We then had three sets of 100 push ups and 50 elbow ups. So in total 300 push ups and 50 elbow ups. All of which you were only allowed a three second break for rests and your chest had to hit the floor on the push ups. Everything was hurting. We then had 100 heavy jump ropes and a 1.25 mile Charter One run, overall it was extremely tiring. My whole body was still sore from yesterdays two-a-day to start off with. My knuckle, which I got x-rayed turned out to be negative, meaning it’s bruised, only pretty badly. So I told Coach Mike that I won’t be coming to morning practice tomorrow. I need rest.

Well it has been roughly a month and a half of a relatively clean diet and regular heavy exercise. I started off pretty fit from doing Tae Kwon Do at the fight team at Cornell University and keeping up with P90X and Insanity two-a-days. I quickly found at that the pace is nowhere near my limit when I went to Cleveland Boxing Club with Coach MIke, who has pushed me to a point that I didn’t know existed. It’s been quite a journey thus far, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I haven’t posted a progress picture, because honestly I don’t see a difference, but I will post them below.



2013/6/14 Left.             2013/7/24 Right.

All in all this is a ten pound difference in this time period.