Day 25

by mojocho

I have never screamed so hard in my life. I can’t even scream on a roller coaster, but today I screamed as if I was having a baby. 


We started off practice with sparring, which is expected as every Tuesday and Thursday the fighters come out to spar. I fought 6’2″ James for three rounds and fought 5’11” Mike (not to be confused with Coach Mike) for two rounds. It wasn’t too exhausting. I ate many jabs and a couple hooks to the temple but overall I was unscathed. Yesterdays training, while focusing on looking at the punches come paid off. I was able to slip many punches and finally landed a decent combination (it was a one two, left body shot, right straight). It felt awesome. What’s not awesome, is right after we finished our rounds of sparring, everyone left be Mike, Will, and I and we started doing what is known as “crazy intense” level.

In case you were wondering, Coach Mike describes other people’s workouts before joining the gym as “good, maybe hard,” he describes his levels of workouts from “intense” to “extremely intense” to “crazy intense.” Today was crazy intense.

We started off with one set of 100 standard push ups, which isn’t bad but after a good sparring session is a bit difficult. Then we did 100 decline push ups, which was killer: toes on the ring and hands on the floor. Then we did 100 incline push ups, at this point, I had to take a break after every 10 or so push ups. Then, we had a “final” set, where I volunteered to go first, which was in hindsight maybe not the best decision. Coach mike put four 10 lb plates stacked on top of each other and I had to do 10 push ups, all of which had to touch the plates. This was pretty bad because there was no break between the last 300 push ups and this “final” set. Then he took off one plate, and it was 10 more, all touching the plates, then he took off the third plate, 10 more, then the forth plate, 10 more, then he removed the last plate. Surprise! done. except not.


This is the point of sheer exhaustion, where you know that when you shower, you won’t be able to properly wash your hair due to muscle fatigue. After Mike finished his set of plate push ups, it was the final hoorah. Push up position for 10 seconds. Then halfway down in push up position for 10 seconds. At the transition point, I gave out the most pathetic and dying scream of death and pure defeat you’ve ever heard, coincidentally, so did Mike. At this, Coach Mike laughed his ass out, crying for like a minute and I yelled “I’m giving you my soul and all you’re doing is laughing at me!” I guess it was a good move because while he was laughing, Mike and I were resting up because we knew we were going to have to finish. After he had his laughing session we did it again, 10 seconds in push up position, 10 in halfway, and 10 seconds one inch off the ground. With that, we were done.

Holy Jesus that was hard. We did around 350+ push ups with only 3 seconds rest between each break/rest. I had my coming of age today, I am a man.