Day 26

by mojocho

Coach Mike alluded to today being a strength and conditioning session: he always is a man of his words.

We started off with the Public Square run, we wore 16 oz. gloves and had to throw punches. Then we strapped up and sparred for 3 rounds, I fought Mike, not Coach Mike, but Mike Brown. He is not new to boxing, he’s very athletic and is able to control his punches so I had a good sparring session. Coach Cleveland had us sit down in each others range and spar there, that way we’d get used to hitting and getting hit. It was pretty good practice. I definitely feel more comfortable exchanging punches now.


After sparring is where the strength and conditioning kicked in. We started doing abs, and didn’t stop for thirty minutes. We were not allowed to let our legs touch the ground during/in between sets or we would have to do 5 sets of 25 push ups on the 10 lb plates like we did yesterday (which I was still/am really sore from). We started off with sit ups, then bicycles, then more sit ups, then bicycles, then heel touches, then jack knifes, then 6 inch leg lifts, then flutter kicks, the sit up twists, then toe touches, then toe touch twists, then bicycles, then 45* leg lifts, then 45* flutter kicks, then alternating elbow planks and 20 elbow ups for three sets. This was all for 30 minutes, NON-STOP, it was awful, we were all squealing and no one was happy to be doing it. Oh and I did forget, before we did the elbow planks was 20 medicine ball hits to the stomach, then we had to balance a 50 lb heavy bag on our hands (like a chest press) while getting our shoulders off the ground (immense amount of stress to abs and wrists) for 20 seconds. Basically it was ab death day.


We finished with our abs and thought we were done, Coach Mike called me up to do the five sets of 25 push ups on the four plates of 10 lbs anyways. It was terrible. 125 push ups after yesterdays workouts seemed impossible. But I dug deep and managed to rep them out. While everyone else finished I was cheering them on while doing more bicycles. I then quickly left as I had a date with the girlfriend (in 30 minutes).

I can certainly see and feel the results of my training, sparring is more enjoyable now, I can think more and relax more. I’m becoming less punch shy and I feel more confident in my stand up abilities. Boxing is awesome. Life is awesome.