Day 27

by mojocho

This whole boxing thing is pretty awesome. I did have a fitness goal of gaining some weight over the summer and have so far gained roughly 13 lbs, currently at 150.8, started at 138.0. Also boxing is really fun when you get over the fear of getting punched, I am still not completely over it, but I’m getting used to getting hit and reading punches to the point that I can dodge and counter. It’s like Tae Kwon Do sparring, only there is less margin for error and timing has to be a lot faster and combinations have a bit more value (at least in my findings).

We started off the day with a motivational speech, which I joined in at about half way through. Basically, people need to come to the gym ready to work, and that only 50% of boxing is physical, the other half is mental. That along with the fact that I’ve been reading “No Excuses Leadership: Ranger Lessons from the U.S. Army’s Elite Rangers” got me super pumped. I ran the Public Square run at a record 12 minutes, part of the speed was due to some of the other boxer’s turning around early and getting in front of me, making me even more willing to run even faster just so I could win by a decent margin.


When we got back it was about 3 or 4 rounds of sparring with Justin 5’8″ 150 lb, and Austin, 5’8″ 150 lb. These guys were my size, and they both had to step out in between rounds as I was knocking them around pretty well and giving them flurries. Their jab speed and range was nothing compared to the boxer’s I had previously been training with and their punches felt pretty light. My right middle knuckle is continuously getting more swollen and more sensitive as I use it.

After sparring we moved on to our now habitual super set of push ups. 100 push ups, 3 seconds rest, 100 decline push ups, 3 seconds rest, 100 incline push ups, 3 seconds rest. We then did a strength test, 10 seconds in push up position, 10 in 90* degrees position, 10 in 1 inch off the floor, 10 back at 90*, then push back up to 10 at push up position. Then we did 10 push ups, 11, 12, 13 14, until we broke form as part of the test. I got to forteen, the other guy got up to 11. Then we did a 20 second 1 inch off the floor hold. I thought that would we the last workout, but then we had to do 5 sets of 25 push ups, our chest had to hit a stack of four 10 lb plates. Each time we did a set he would take off a plate. This killed me. My chest felt quite voluptuous. 

The entire workout I was just thinking about having no excuse, either success or an excuse, either finish or excuse, either win or excuse – I am proud of today.


I definitely recommend the U.S. rangers book, very entertaining to read and puts a lot of things in perspective. Have a great week everyone!