Day 28

by mojocho

Three public square runs and four rounds of sparring.

Started off practice by watching some of the experienced fighters go 100%, that got me pretty pumped so when Coach Mike said Public Square run, I was already gone.. When I got back, I ran it in a record 12 minutes or so, he said it was too slow and to run it again. So I was out the door. Just like that, five miles in around 26 minutes. 


We do a little more to the loop adding up to about 2.45 miles

I then sparred four rounds with Mike Brown, it was pretty good, stuck him with a couple jabs and counter combinations. I got hit with a few good ones as well. I told him my feedback after, he then told me that I needed to work on my defense and slipping and blocking more, but that I was in tremendous shape saying I could probably have gone for a few more rounds where he couldn’t. Now all I want to do is work on my defense, in my future sparring, I will work on keeping my head moving and moving forward by slipping and weaving.


After we changed shoes it was one more Public Square run, I felt like vomiting on the last one but gave it my all. When we came back, we were finished, no push ups or anything, felt like a light day. But now as I am typing this I feel every muscle in my body to be faintly sore. It was a good work day. I need to remember to get a CBC Cleveland Boxing Club shirt before I leave next week.

I don’t know what work outs you are doing, but I am sure you could do even more. The body follows the mind. It’s either success or an excuse.