Day 29

by mojocho

Circuit training and hand work, lighter day.

Started off with a Public Square run, took it at a decent tempo, but not as fast as yesterday, my body is starting to feel the effects of day-after-day punishment. When I got back I had 100 heavy jump ropes, 100 push ups, 100 jumping jacks, 50 dumbbell curls (couldn’t do 100 as my wrist were hurting too much [still hasn’t healed yet]), 50 military press, 100 sit ups, and 100 ringside “box” jumps.


After we all strapped up and worked the bag for about 10 minutes, then had a 5 minute session with Coach Cleveland. I’m spending more time with him alternating between slipping and weaving and throwing combinations. I can’t help but punch all out, which is probably why my knuckle is simply not healing and my wrists are slowly getting worse.


Notice the swelling on my right hand between my middle finger and ring finger.

I’m reaching a point where I’m no longer sure if I should keep going everyday, not because it’s hard, but because my body is getting a bit weaker. My hands are getting more and more swollen from constantly punching and my wrists haven’t healed in over three weeks. I think i should take it easy, but I only have less than two weeks left at the gym so I want to stick it out. I hate coming up with excuses, and i don’t think this is one, but I think I should give my body time to heal (or at least let my hand swelling go down). All the exercise seems to be effecting my work, I am starting to have less energy throughout the day, which is not what I want, I also can’t seem to ever eat enough to the point where I’m full, I eat constantly. I hope some of this is natural.