Day 33 “The Grand Finale”

by mojocho

I rushed back home to blog everything while my mind was still fresh, or rather, while I could still feel the pain. Coach Mike knew well in advance that today was my last workout as his gym, so he planned a gauntlet of just utter physical destruction. It was ridiculous. Unfortunately for a gym buddy of mine named Mike, it wasn’t his last day, it was just a Friday, and he happened to show up right when I did- poor guy.


I’m not even sure I remember the order of all the workouts because I could barely think while they were happening. We started off with the Public Square run, pretty chill, then we flipped the heaviest tires down the alley, then all the way down the block and back and then through the alley again. That’s about 200m+ for your reference, tires weighing way over what I could only guess is 80+lbs. Our lower backs were gone. Then we got a relative rest of 100 deep incline push ups, closely monitored by coach for that perfect form. Then we came inside and did a new workout, one of his inventions, 10 heavy bag squats with a 50+ lb heavy bag in our arms, then walk it to the other person and they do it. While the other person does their squats, you do that number of push ups, so 10 total. Then they hand the bag back to you and you do 12, then 14, 16, 18, 20 total. So basically, a sh!%” ton of squats and push ups. That alone killed our biceps from holding the bag. We then had 3 minutes on the bell of incline push ups off the ring, shake my head, it was not fun. Then we had “50 50s”, 50 heavy jump ropes while the other did jumping jacks for two sets. Then we did jumping jacks with five pound weights in our hands for three minutes (sucked really bad). Then we had to do punches with those five pound weights in our hands at a 45* angle above our head for another three minutes. The entire time I was screaming “I’m better than these weights,” you would have thought I was crazy, I didn’t care. Then we had three minutes of barbell overhead military press and barbell bicep curls. This was just the warm up.


We then had abs, which I thought was going to be a relief because it was abs, stupid me. We did it all on the treadmill (putting mats on the incline of the treadmill). We did 50 bicycles, easy, then immediately to super hard mode- arms reaching up to the bar on the treadmill (basically our shoulders were off the ground due to this) and then extreme angle leg lifts all the way up to a jack-knife position (did you get all that?). That killed our abs and mostly our hip flexors. We then had to do 45* leg lifts in that sustained position, then little flutter kicks for about a minute. Then we had heel touches, [all of this Coach Mike expected amazing form {death}], then we had single leg heel touches. Then he brought out the 20lb medicine ball and thrashed our abs 20 times each, while the other waited we did sit ups, did another set, and finished off with more sit ups. Coach Mike strapped on his gloves and we had to pick up a 45 lb plate and hold it over our heads while he punched the sh!% out of our abs, I almost dropped it on my head a couple times. He even made us turn to the sides so that he could get our obliques too. At this point I could feel every single crease in my abdominal muscles. With that we were dead.


Except our hands were grasped onto a treadmill bar.

But we weren’t finished. “Leave everything you got left in this gym!” It was a mixture of the three workouts I hated “Thee” most at the gym all as the grand finale. I started off on the treadmill at max incline running at 7.5, which basically feels like sprinting, and I was to go as long as it took Mike (the other gym guy) to finish five sets of 25 push ups on a set of four 10 lb plates. This was not an easy task for either of us, especially after our “warm up.” I had to stop running and took a couple breaks while he did his push ups. It was inhumane- way too much, this may be naive to say, but I don’t think Coach Mike or even a super athlete could have run nonstop at this pace after doing the workout that we had already done. My calf muscles, my quads, my abs, my back, my chest, my biceps, everything hurt. Then when he finished, it was my turn to do that set of 125 push ups. Poor Mike, he had to run probably much longer than I did on that treadmill as I was seriously struggling to finish, but I did- and worse, I thought it was over. Then Coach Mike giggled with excitement as he saw our life drift away when he pulled out the medicine ball and yelled out “25 medicine ball push ups!”

Jesus. It was awwwwful. I did those push ups in sets of 2, Mike cranked them out pretty quickly, good for him, but I was dying. When we finished, I felt good, damn good, because the workout was friggin’ over. Hardest workout of my life. Looking back at this day alone, I’m shaking my head at how insane his workouts are.

Coach Mike told me “Good work Moe Gatti, you lookin’ ripped!” I told him that I don’t really care how ripped I look, but that I was proud that I had finished what I started, when all my other partners left and didn’t finish, I kept going. I told him, but I think I was just saying that out loud, that that was what I was truly proud of. It’s been one hell of a summer, thank you everyone for following this blog, please like and share my story as I hope it will motivate others to try out pushing themselves farther than they have ever thought they could go.

I think that there’s potential for me to blog again not on my Cleveland Boxing Club experiences, but onward, at Cornell University, at either the boxing club or at some local gym. Hopefully I can teach what I have learned to some, and continuously learn from others and work hard. I thank you all so much for holding me accountable and giving another reason to keep going to the gym, whoever you are, I know you can work harder than you ever though possible. Also if any of you are curious, I am working on my leather belt company, I would love to hand make you an awesome belt. Take care~